Update from the CEO

Greetings from Splendr Headquarters in Singapore!

It’s been an exciting 3 months in Penang and Singapore since we launched the closed beta version of Splendr at Rise in Hong Kong. Since then we’ve made significant progress in creating a better product for our customers and service providers.

User testing and market research has guided a better way to create, target and market experiences, and how customers purchase and redeem them.

Quick numbers from closed beta: 40% conversion rate from invitation to registered user; over 1,350 unique sessions logged; almost 5 minutes on average spent browsing; twice as many requests for invitations than those who were part of the initial group.

Splendr is moving towards an open beta phase, set to launch in December.

Open beta will throw open the doors to Splendr, allowing new customers to browse and discover experiences without needing to create an account. Open beta will allow the promotion of experiences directly to loyal customers through existing marketing channels, creating new marketing opportunities.

As we move towards open beta we will be increasing the number of experiences available for customers to discover and purchase.

Thank you to all of our early supporters and adopters. We greatly value your contributions, feedback and encouragement.

Warm regards,

Weibin Tay
CEO and Co-Founder