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A new early maturing pearl millet variety of high quality and forage yield resistant to salinity in Uzbekistan. ICBA’s MAWRED project signs three new memorandums of understanding Conference on the use of treated wastewater in agricultural production in the Arab World
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Word from ICBA Director General
These are exciting moments for ICBA. The Center has published its Business Plan 2013-2016, which seeks to strengthen ICBA’s role as a global center of excellence by further defining our priorities and recognizing the anticipated funding and competitive environment.

There will be increased emphasis on strong monitoring, evaluation and communication. The Business Plan will align ICBA’s activities across the center.

Along with the new ICBA Strategy 2013-2023 and the new ICBA Business Plan 2013-2016, ICBA has revisited its entire brand identity and has done a major rebranding for the Center. The new feel and look of ICBA is well aligned with ICBA new strategy and emphasizes the importance of ‘Innovation’ ‘Sustainability’ and ‘Partnership’ in ICBA’s journey to achieve its mission and vision. ICBA is about Agriculture for Tomorrow, which will be done only through innovative technologies and methodologies and in partnership with a variety of stakeholders.

The end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014 was a very busy time for the center; we had several exciting events with the Treated Wastewater Conference, the Quinoa Science Forum, and numerous trainings on and off campus. We had the chance to expand our partnerships agreements vertically and horizontally. Vertically by exploring new opportunities with existing partners and horizontally by expanding our partnerships outreach, where now our partnerships expand from Australia all the way to Peru.

Last but not least, I would like to thank all those that have responded to our Biosalinity News survey; this is our effort to make sure that we are always listening to our readers and ensuring that we keep on improving Biosalinity News in terms of what is of interest and value to you. One of the major changes that we are adopting as a result of the readers’ feedback was to increase the focus on the digital version of Biosalinity News through applying advanced web technologies to deliver an interactive and user friendly online version of Biosalinity News. I hope you enjoy the rest of this issue of Biosalinity News.

Sincerely yours,
Ismahane Elouafi

Bioenergy crop production: A case for creative use of reclaimed wastewater in the Arabian Peninsular
Salt accumulation zones under different irrigation systems - Technical note.
Strengthening partnerships - University of Sydney, Australia, signs a memorandum or understanding with ICBA.
White paper on transorming rural livelihoods and landscapes: sustainable improvements to incomes, food security and the environment.

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